How to become a Horticulturist in India

We all love plants and they are an important part of our life, whether it's vegetables, home plants or trees. 

All these things are an important part of our life and it's a fact that without them we can't survive on this planet. Therefore, it's necessary to take good care of all this and that's exactly what horticulturists do. Horticulturists use their skills and knowledge in the growth and production of plants and agriculture. 


Plants and vegetation are so important and with the increase in global warming and many such natural incidents been frequent due to human deeds there is a growing need of people who are skilled and can help in growing plants and take good care of them.  

Many people are unaware of this field and due to this lack of information, many unaware students select any other career which they just don't want to be in but are doing because they were not aware of the existence of a career which they could excel in and have the interest to be in. 

Being Horticulturist is not for everybody but if you want to find out whether it's for you or not then do read this whole article. In this article, we are going on a fun journey full of information and knowledge with all the steps you will need to become a horticulturist in India. 

Who is a Horticulturist ?

Well, by now you must have gotten the idea about the work of horticulturist. Many people still are unaware of this field and due to lack of knowledge, many people believe horticulturist is the one who works in the garden centres, but the reality is a bit different!  

horticulture is a vast field and is mainstream agriculture which deals with many things varying from cultivation and growth of plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers, ornamental trees, herbs which are used in many medical fields. 

This field is vast and has many career and job opportunities. They work with nature and apply their knowledge and skills to grow healthy plants and vegetables. 

How to become a Horticulturist in India ?

Well as I said earlier, many people don't know about horticulture and it's potential and therefore many people even don't have any clue about how they can choose the path of horticulture as a career. 

Therefore, in this article, I am going to tell you all the details you need to become a horticulturist in India.


To pursue a career in horticulture, there are many bachelor's, Masters and even P.hd level courses out there to choose from. 

Bachelor's degree in horticulture: 

1. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in horticulture: 3-years course.         
2. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in horticulture: 5-years course. 

After completing your class 12th, the first thing you will need to do to pursue a career in horticulture is to apply for a degree in college which offers either of the two mentioned Bachelor's degree in horticulture. You can either apply for B.Sc in Horticulture or B.Tech in Horticulture. 

Master's Course for Horticulture: 

After completion of a Bachelor's degree, the next crucial step you have to do is to complete a 2-years master's degree course either in Horticulture or Agriculture. 

1. Master of Science (M.Sc) in horticulture: 2-years course.
2. Master of Science (M.Sc) in agriculture: 2-years course.

See, to go for a master's degree or not is your choice but if you are serious to learn more about horticulture and get a good career ahead, a Master's degree will definitely help you in that. 

Doctorate Program: 

1. Ph.D in horticulture: 3-years course. 
Ph.D. is the course which will make you an expert in that particular subject. You will need a master's degree to apply for the Ph.D course. 

This course can last for 3 to 6 years but it will prepare you for the subject thoroughly by the end of the program. 

The best thing about this is, you can still do your job and earn while doing the Ph.D. course on the side. By this, till the end of the program, you will have both experience as well as whole knowledge of which will help you in your career. 


To go for all these courses there are certain eligibility and requirements you need to fulfil. A career in horticulture generally includes subjects like Botany, Biology, Cell and Plant Biology. To become a horticulturist here is the minimum eligibility criteria you should have. 

Stream and Subject combination: Complete class 12th with Science stream with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as main subjects. 

For U.G Courses (Bachelor's): You will need to complete class 12th in Science stream with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as main subjects. 

There is no such requirement of minimum marks or percentage to get admission in Bachelor's for any university but it's still recommended to get around 50-60% for an ease in admission. 

For P.G Courses (Masters): For master's degree courses, you must need to have a bachelor's degree first with a minimum of 60% marks in your bachelor's.

For the Doctorate program (PhD): To get admission to a doctorate or Ph.D program you will first need a Master's degree. To get admission in Ph.D program, different universities conduct their own exams. 


Talking about exams, apart from all the courses and eligibility things, exams are a crucial portion of your career. One has to know the exams he/she will have to give and prepare for it accordingly. You will have to appear for different competitive exams on a different point of your life in. 

First and foremost is your class 12th board exams and if you want to pursue your career without any interference then getting at least 60% PCB is recommended. After your class 12th, there are many other exams to get admission in horticulture. 

Well it's not necessary to give all the exams in fact in most of the cases of college you will just need to fulfil the minimum eligibility criteria of passing class 12th board with PCB to get admission but some colleges do require marks of certain competitive exams for admission. 

So it's recommended to appear for competitive exams. Here is the list of exams you can give for Horticulture: 

    1. NEET
    3. Horticulture Common Entrance Test (HORTICET)
    5. Exams conducted by different universities for admission to doctorate programs. 

All these exams are not for admission only for Bachelor's Degree. These is just a list of exams you will give at different point of life while pursuing your career in horticulture. Some exams are for admission in bachelor's courses whereas some are for admission in master courses and some for Ph.D and doctorate programs. 

Career Path:

Now you know almost everything you need to know to go for horticulturist as a career. So here is the quick recap of all the information you need to know in order pursue horticulturist as a career in India. 

To become a horticulturist in India, you will need to pass your class 12th with Science stream and PCB as your subjects. After this, go for a bachelor's degree either B.Sc or B.Tech in Horticulture and to get admission to a bachelor's college you can appear for many exams such as NEET or ICAR AIEEA to get an ease in admission. 

After a bachelor goes for any master courses in horticulture, you can even work on the side while pursuing your studies and after master's, if you want to continue your studies in a particular topic then do go for Ph.D. 

Is horticulture for you ? 

Well, now you know everything about how to become a horticulturists in India but before getting admission to one of the universities for the horticulture you should ask yourself a question. 

Whether, Horticulturist is for you or not ? 

See, many people love gardening and taking care of plants and if you are one of them then maybe you have an interest in horticulture and you can pursue it. 

In case you are one who doesn't enjoy growing or taking care of a plant and just wants to pursue this career because of earning and growing need of a horticulturist then in that case, I personally feel you should lookout for some other career options. The kind of work which you will enjoy doing. 

I do have a whole another article where I have discussed about different career options to go for after class 12th PCB. If you are not sure about the career you want to take, then give a look at different options out there will help you to select the best for you to decide your own career. 

Here is the link of the article, do give it a read.  

To get a better understanding of whether a horticulturist is for you or not, one of the few ways to understand whether a particular career is for you or not is to look at its pros and cons

So here are the pros and cons of being a horticulturist which I hope helps you to decide whether you want to go for it or not. 

Pros and cons of horticulture:

Pros Cons
Variety of career opportunities in different fields. Exposed to hazardous or toxic chemicals during work.
Stable employment especially in food industries. Some high pay positions such as researchers require extensive training and qualification.
Growing demand for Horticulturist. Fewer jobs in research but at the same time high pay as well.
Knowledge of different plant species and their characteristics and the impact they have on the environment. Some Jobs pay poorly in Horticulture and due to lack of awareness, many people don't consider it as a reliable career.


In the end, select the career which you want to pursue and like doing. 

No career is small or big, yes there are some pros and cons of each and every career but all that cons can be tackled if you have interest in that particular field. Every career is high paying, all you need is have interest and enjoy doing the work that you are doing. 

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