Career in veterinary in India

Some might not know about a veterinary doctor because there are very few people taking up this field and that is the reason why there is limited information about this career and it's hard to find some information you need on internet as well. 

When you belong to such a profession it is hard to find information because I totally feel you as I want to be a veterinarian myself. The first you need to be sure is about the procedure to get into a veterinary college, I have another blog where I have shared my experience on applying for a veterinary college, but it is just for Maharashtra board students. 

Who is a veterinarian/veterinary doctor ? 

Some people don't actually know much about veterinary doctors or also known as veterinarians. To put it in a simple words veterinarians are just animal doctors. They diagnose and prescribe medicine for animals and also provide treatment. 

They have to not just look for the treatment of animals but also make sure that safety measures are taken for public health. There are many diseases that can be spread by animals and it is the veterinarian's job to take care of it. 

There are many types of veterinarians who work with small animals i.e. our companion animals like dogs, cats, etc. as well as large animals like horse, cows, etc.. Down below I will be listing the career options which you can chose from if you are thinking of veterinary science.  

Career in veterinary in India:

People think when you take veterinary there as less options to go for but not everyone knows that there are many options to go for if you want to be a veterinarian. In short, it is just like MBBS but here you get to work with animals. 

Before we go any further in the article you should know that in India the salary of a veterinarian regardless of what option you choose as your career is going to start by 10,000-15,000/month which increases as your experience increases. 

Here is the list of options you can choose from: 

1. Veterinary anesthesia:

The name tells us all about what these types of veterinarians do. These type of veterinarians are specialised in giving anesthesia to the animals. This can be only done by someone who is a registered veterinary technician or is a veterinarian in this particular field. 

For veterinarians it might be a hard road to earn money fast is in India but if you are settled abroad you are surely to earn more than how much veterinarians in India would. 

2. Veterinary behaviour:

We know a lot about how humans behave, their thinking and most importantly they can speak if they have any problem, but ever thought how an animal would tell us if it's having any problem ? That's where veterinary behaviourist play the role for us. 

They are associated with what kind of environment is suitable for your companion like is it having any issues or something which it can't speak about. They study the behaviour of the animal which helps the owners to understand their companion more easily. Apart from just behaviour they also train the animals like you see in those videos on the internet where dogs or cats do those tricks for the camera.  

3. Emergency and critical care veterinarian:

Working under stressful conditions can be a lot tiring and does require a lot of training to be able to think in that kind of situation and when you have a case where the patient can't even speak about what is happening to it, you are surely to lose your mind. 

Working in this field means you will have to acquire as much training as you can in order to work in a situation like this. At last the animal's life is in your hands to save. 

4. Animal nutritionist:

Just like us humans, animals too need to be fit and healthy and in order to do that even they need a diet they have to follow and this is where an animal nutritionist plays a role. 

The job of an animal nutritionist is not only limited to pets but also it is required in poultry farming or animals used in food production as well. They have to keep a firm check on the intake of fibres and vitamins by the animal. 

5. Wildlife veterinarian:

If you have the love for wild animals like tigers, lions or cheetah and their cute little babies then this field is just made for you. 

These veterinarians are skilled to treat wildlife animals like birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. You can either work in zoo or in sanctuary.

6. Veterinary professor:

Even after you finish with you Bachelor's degree and you still want to learn more ahead you can opt for a Master's degree or even go for PhD. Once you have finished with you Master's you can choose a lot of options and veterinary professor is also included in it. 

You can take up the subject of your choice and then continue to teach in this particular field. For this you must require teaching skills as it is going to be the most important for your job. 

7. Veterinary assistant surgeon: 

A veterinary assistant surgeon is the one who assist in surgeries. With experience, you can also become a surgeon in this particular field. 

8. Companion animal veterinarian:

These veterinarians are also called as small animal veterinarians. They work with pet animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc.. 

You can either have your own clinic or you can join a clinic where there are doctors already and work with them or you can also join a hospital or work with NGO's. 

9. Food animal veterinarian:

Food animal veterinarians are responsible for the nourishment of the animals which are used for human consumption i.e meat. 

Food animal veterinarians have a lot of responsibilities like vaccinating the animal, their treatment, prevention of any disease which can be spread by them, etc.. They not only have to look after the animals health but also humans health. 

10. Food safety and inspection veterinarian:

In the above paragraph I mentioned about the veterinarians that takes care of the animals used for human consumption, so in order to see if these veterinarians are doing a great job there are food safety inspectors to supervise over them. 

This job requires a lot of responsibilities because you are the one who are going to be responsible if anything happens in the near future to the human race. You need to have keen observation for this job, that's what I feel. 

11. Research veterinarian:

If you feel like treating an animal is limiting your potential, then why not go for a research scientist ? Work of a research scientist or veterinarian can be very interesting as you will be working with so many unknown diseases and finding a cure for them. 

A research scientist has to diagnose, research and find a cure for that particular disease and make the treatment available to it before it is a bigger threat to animals as well as humans (If it is a zoonotic disease). 

12. Army veterinary:

Have you seen those trained dogs in army who are used as sniffer dogs or horses. There is someone who has to take care of the animals there and look after their treatment, food intake, weight, etc., that someone is an army veterinarian. 

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  1. Hi this article was extremely helpful. I think we need to start talking about some opportunities apart from conventional jobs like engineering and doctor etc. I'd also like you to write an article about the branching of wildlife research which I'm sure a lot of people are keen on and there's limited information present on it. Thanks.