[With PDF] CBSE 30% syllabus reduced for Class 11th and 12th? 2020-21 revised syllabus you need to know

Recently CBSE has revised its syllabus and there are tones of articles out there that may sound appealing to you, for example, "CBSE 30% syllabus reduced" and actually it is but to be very honest with you its just a half part of the story. 

If you will visit the official website of CBSE (Here is the link) there's a high chance that you will get confused with all the information present out there but you don't have to worry because we got your back. 

In this article, I will be summarizing all the changes CBSE has brought in a simple manner including all the important PDFs of all the streams (Science, Commerce and Arts) and will be mentioning some other things as well, which you might have to take care of as a student. 

Things Implemented in revised syllabus (2020 - 21):

So if you take a look at the initial PDF of CBSE from the link given above then most likely you will get confused and to tell you honestly I have read the whole PDF two times and there's nothing there you have to be worried about. 

Most of the information present there is for schools, principal and teachers. The only thing you need to know is the change in the grading system and reduction in the syllabus which I am going to cover in this article thoroughly including all the necessary PDFs for you. 

Changes in the grading system:

This year CBSE has updated the structure of assessment scheme or in simple language your "Grading System".

So it's actually different for both class 11th and class 12th. Class 12th being a little complicated one, so I will explain it first. 

In the class 12th assessment scheme, the board will conduct the examination and will rank all the passed candidates and allot them the grade in the following order:

Grade Candidate
A - 1 Top 1/8th of passed candidates
A - 2 Next 1/8th of passed candidates
B - 1 Next 1/8th of passed candidates
B - 2 Next 1/8th of passed candidates
C - 1 Next 1/8th of passed candidates
C - 2 Next 1/8th of passed candidates
D - 1 Next 1/8th of passed candidates
D - 2 Next 1/8th of passed candidates

So now it may sound confusing to you, so let me explain it with a simple example. Suppose 70 students give board examination this year and only 6 students failed and everyone else passed. 

So the top 8 students who have scored the highest will be allotted A - 1, next 8 students will be awarded A - 2, and the same way other next 8 students will be awarded with B - 1 and in this manner, this goes on till D-2. 

Now for Class 11th, it's simple, your grade will be allotted based on your marks in the following manner:

Grading system of CBSE for class 11th for year 2020-21 

Reduction and topics in the revised Syllabus:

So I have uploaded all the PDFs of revised portion of each subject here and PDF with information of deleted portion this year has been uploaded here

If you are unable to find your desired subjects, We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience but just let us know in the comment section the subject, we will update it as well for you. 

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