Government jobs to go for after 12th for everyone

Who doesn't like a hassle-free life without any tension and work stress ? Where you just don't have to do anything and salary will get credited to your account on time. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it ? Actually it is not.

In India, if you are a government employee, this dream will actually come true, but getting a government job is also a challenge in itself. These jobs don't have much eligibility and therefore it's a common trend to go for government job after class 12th or HSC.

But the question here arises is, if a government job doesn't ask for high eligibility then why is it tough to get a government job and why it's a struggle in itself ? Is it even a good idea to go for a government job after 12th ?

So in this article, I will be telling you different government jobs after your class 12th and how to apply for them after 12th. 

Government jobs to go for after 12th:

There are many reputed government career profiles to go for after class 12th and here for your ease, I have categorized it in on the basis of their respective field for your better understanding.

All these government jobs have their own competitive exam which you will need to give and crack in order to get the job.

To be honest they are not as hard as other competitive exam but due to the population problem in India and seeing the increase in the number of students applying for these exams every year, the cut-off of these exams are pretty high.

Here is the list of government career opportunity for you to go for after class 12th: Field Government jobs
1 Railway Railway clerk
Railway constable
Station Master
Assistant loco pilot
Ticket collector
2 SSC Stenographer
Lower Divisional Clerk (LDC)
Data Entry Operator (DEO)
Postal Assistant
3 National defense academy (NDA) Admission to the Army, Navy and Air Force wings of the NDA
4 Bank Attendants
5 Indian army Junior Commissioned Officers (Catering)
Soldier through (TES) Technical Entry Schemes
6 Indian Navy Sailor
10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme

As you can see from the above table, most of the job opportunities you will find is in the railway sector so you must be thinking that there is a higher possibility to get selected in railway as compared to the other government field in the table.

Don't worry, till the end of this article, I will clear all your doubts and give you a clear picture of government jobs in Indian and which one you should go for. Let's discuss each of the government field and government career options to get a better picture.

Indian Railway:

If you want to get into the Indian railway as it has a lot more government job profiles to choose from compared to the other government field, then you will need to apply for the government recruitment exam known as RRB NTPC (Railway Recruitment Board Non-Technical Popular Categorised Exam)

Indian Railway
As mentioned in the above table, the government job available in railway after 12th are:

1. Railway Clerk:  This job profile includes checking of a number of wagons and coaches in railway yards, preparation of train document, information feeding in railway network terminal, giving and receiving information regarding train working, maintaining register related with working of the train.

So if you are thinking to go for a railway clerk, you may need to deal with a high amount of workload because of tremendous amount of responsibilities on your shoulders.

2. Assistant loco pilot: Loco pilot is the train driver and as the name suggests an assistant loco pilot is a person who assists train driver (loco pilot) in driving or plotting of train.

The job of an assistant loco pilot demands continuous attention and responsibilities as the lives of thousands of passengers will be in your hand.

3. Station master: I am sure you must have heard the term "Station Master" has he is the person in charge of a railway station. He is responsible for the proper functioning of the station from ticket collection, to the booking office and all the other facilities such as water on the station, etc. He is basically in charge and responsible for the proper functioning of an entire railway station. 

If you are aiming for a railway job then you should aim for a station master in particular as it's the most reputed of them all but with this, you also need to deal with a lot of responsibilities and if anything goes wrong, it will be entirely your responsibility.

4. Railway constable: If you have visited the railway station even once in your life, I am sure you must have noted guards who are on constant patrolling and check for any suspicious activity.

Yes! You have guessed it right, they are railway constable. A railway constable is responsible for maintaining law and order in railway premises and do regular patrolling in order to check for any suspicious activity on the railway station. 

5.  Ticket Collector: I am sure you already know this, a ticket collector is a person who's job is to check whether all the employees are travelling with a ticket or not. It's also their duty to charge fines against passengers who are travelling without a ticket.

Now, I hope all the government career options about railway and their job profiles are clear. As the railway has the most number of government job opportunities to apply for after 12th.

According to this article of live mint, Indian railways also have conducted the world's largest recruitment drives of around 1.27 lakhs vacancy.

Here is the link of the official website of the Railway Recruitment Board, make sure to keep on checking it always in order to get the latest update regarding vacancies or exams.

SSC exam:

If you have ever talked with anyone about government jobs or anything like that then you must have heard of these two words "SSC exam" and "UPSC exam".

Well, talk about UPSC, you have to give it after getting your bachelor's degree, but you can give the SSC exam after your class 12th.

The full form of SSC exam is the Staff Selection Commission. SSC conducts a CHSL (Combined Higher Secondary Level) exam for requirements such as Lower Divisional Clerk, Post Assistant, and Data entry operators.

SSC also conducts a recruitment exam for stenographers who works in a courtroom or any other legal department. They transcribe (Put speech into the form of words) by typing them on the steno machine which is a kind of shorthand typewriter.

For example, You may have seen them in some Bollywood courtroom scenes where a person types whatever is spoken in the courtroom by either judges, victim or anyone else.

Here is the link to the official website of SSC to get the latest update and other stuff regarding SSC and exams for recruitment.


NDA is a competitive exam and you must have heard about it as well because it is one of the most convenient ways to get into the Indian Defense academy and work for the protection of the country.

NDA stands for Nation Defense Academy which is an Indian Defense Academy where cadets (Soldier students) from three services Army, Navy and Air Force train together before they go for respective service academy for further training. 

Now UPSC conducts a national level competitive exam known as the NDA exam to get into this academy.

So if you dream to become a soldier and protect our nation after class 12th, then you should definitely give NDA exam.

Bank exam:

The banking sector is known to be one of the secured and very well reputed sector in India. So if you are someone who works in a bank then congratulations!! You are successful according to Indian society.

If you work in banks, then you enjoy many privileges apart from finance, such as you don't have to work for 10-12 hrs because all the bank whether it's private or government, they all operate from 10 to 4 only and also don't forget high salary and career opportunity with weekends including 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month as a holiday.

Sound's like a dream job, right ? Well, it's actually is if you ignore the annoying people whom you have to deal with every day + work stress and if you are not good at maths and calculation stuff, then I would recommend you to stay at least 10 meters away from this career because you have to deal with lot's of numbers and calculation here.

Well, to be honest, you can't join any bank with any required education qualification, you will at least need a degree or any degree in maths but still if you want to join the bank after class 12th and that also government job in a government bank.

RBI Office Attendant Exam
I have something for you, RBI holds the RBI Office Attendant Exam to recruits "Attendants" in its various offices across India.

Well, this job profile includes keeping the file in an organized way, opening up offices, Passing on documents between various departments and making sure that office staff has all the basics needs present at their desk.

Indian army:

Many of us dream to serve the country and hold that pride of being a soldier but sadly all of us can't do that because we all lack in courage and we need to be honest, not everyone is capable enough to become a soldier and hold that tremendous amount of responsibility on our shoulders.

An Indian Soldier
But if you think you are, then you can go for it straight after completing your class 12th. Apart from NDA, there are other options available as well to get into the Indian Army.

There are two job profiles you can go for after class 12th to work in the Indian Army. Let's learn about both of them:

1. TES (Technical Entry Scheme and Solider (Male): TES or Technical Entry Scheme is a government scheme to get into the Indian Army. This scheme is for unmarried male students who have passed 12th (10+2) examination with Physics, Chemistry and Maths. 

2. Junior Commissioned Officer (Catering): If you are interested in cooking and want to serve the Indian army, then you can by serving them with your healthy food.

You can directly get into the catering sector of the Indian Army, the only things you will need are 12th completion certificates with a diploma/certificate course in cooking or hotel management recognized by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education).

Course approved by AICTE means that institute with course compiled with the minimum standard prescribed by regulators as well as it also indicates the quality of education is good. 

Indian Navy:

Every one loves ocean and seas and there are very few job profiles present with such job profile and the Indian Navy is one of them.

Indian Navy
Indian Navy protects our nation from the ocean as India is covered with Ocean from three sides.

Working in the Indian Navy is an honour in itself and don't forget the high salary you get with that. An Indian Navy Officer's salary is pretty high and what if I say, you can get into the Indian Navy after your class 12th.

Well, it's actually true, there are two possible ways to get into the Indian Navy after your class 12th:
1. Sailor - Senior Secondary Recruits (SSR)  
2. 10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme.

The only problem here arises is, if you have not completed your class 12th from the Science stream then you are not eligible for it.

Is government job worth it ? 

Well, the answer to this actually depends on each individual and some people prefer to go for a government job and some not.

In earlier days government jobs used to provide a sense of security and commitment to the lifetime salary even after retirement. They used to provide pension to all the retired government employees in order to fulfil their needs.

But at present, the pension has been stopped and you will not get any money from the government after retirement. So you see according to me there are not many reasons left to go for government jobs nowadays.

As you can see in this article that today's youth are now more inclined towards freelance jobs and other alternatives for full-time employment.

This does not mean demands of government jobs are less because every time government announces vacancy in the government sector, there are lot more applicant compared to the number of vacancies which makes it tough to get a government job in India even for a small job of a peon in a government school.

This is due to the high population rate and less job creation in India which is one of the main reasons for unemployment of 30% skilled youth in India.

So, in the end, it's on you whether you want to go for a government job or not as I told you earlier, it's subjective and opinion differ with each individual.

If you want to know other career options you can go for after class 12th than I have a different dedicated article on this site as well for career options after 12th science, commerce, and arts.

If you want to do read them as well to get a better idea and to decide a better career for you.


So these were all the possible ways to get a government job after completion of class 12th. Now if you think I have missed something or have any doubt you can ask in the comment below I would love to solve it for you so tell me in the comment.

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