Where does Egestion Take Place in the Body ?

Since you egestion is a part of the body or can say takes place in the body so the question strikes is where does egestion take place in the body ? Some people confuse egestion with excretion, so I have another post for it (If you don't know the difference between egestion and excretion click here)

What is egestion ?

Before understanding where does egestion take in the body we will first understand what does egestion mean ?

Egestion takes place only in animals. The process where faeces are eliminated out of your body through anus is called egestion. It is simply the food which has been leftover after the process of digestion. Not only anus but it can also take place through mouth but only sometimes.

Where does egestion take place in the body ?

As we know, egestion is a process where the unwanted or undigested food is removed from your body in the form of faeces which comes out from the anus. 

Egestion does not take place on its own, there is a process which starts with you having your food first.

Let's see all the steps in brief:

Step 1 - The food ingested is broken down into pieces and those pushed down from the small intestine to large intestine by the process of peristalsis.


Step 2 - While the food is being moved down from the small intestine to large intestine the electrolytes and water present in the food we eat are absorbed from the chyme.

Chyme is a semi-liquid fluid which is present in your stomach with gastric juices and with some particles of the digested food

Step 3 - E.coli present in the colon (which is the longest part of the large intestine which starts from cecum and ends to the rectum meaning opening to the anus) feeds on the undigested particles to produce vitamins like K, B12, B1 and B2, which are then absorbed by the walls of the colon. 

Step 4 - The chyme present in your stomach gets converted to semi solid faeces

Step 5 - The faeces now entering rectum leads to defecation reflex. Defecation reflex occurs when the internal anal sphincter relaxes and the and the external anal sphincter contracts.

Defecation reflex

Step 6 - This reflex helps the faeces to move towards anus with the help of peristalsis in the last part of colon and rectum. 

Step 7 - Now is the time, when the faeces are at last going to be out of your anus and all the processes mentioned above work in harmony, the defecation, voluntary contractions of the diaphragm and the abdominal muscles which opens the sphincters to open and at last forces the faeces out.

In multicellular organisms such as human beings, plants, animals, birds and insects the process of egestion takes place through anus and in unicellular organisms such as amoeba, paramecium, yeast, bacteria and plankton the process of egestion takes place via the cell membrane

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