Difference Between Music and Noise

Difference between music and noise:

As common definition music is something which sounds pleasant to your ears whereas noise is something which is unpleasant to hear and which you don't like. 

Difference between music and noise
Music Noise
1. Music is regular smooth and pleasant to hear Noise is harsh and not pleasant to hear
2. Music waves vibrations are periodic Noise waves vibrations are not periodic
3. All the components of wave of music are in a similar pattern without any sudden change in wavelength or amplitude Component of waves such as wavelength and amplitude can change suddenly and they are of short duration
4. The waveform in music is regular The waveform in noise is irregular
5. Music exhibits an identifiable outline of changes in amplitude and wavelength Noise are just sound wave which are not identifiable and can change any moment
6. Musical sound is the art of making and combining sound to create a harmonious melody Noise is just the random sound unnecessary sound which is generally very loud and meaningless
7. Example: Sound produced from musical instruments and sound in music videos Example: Unnecessary sound of car horns, road roller, unnecessary striking between objects e.t.c

How the definition of music and noise differs from individual to individual ?

We know that sound is formed due to disturbance created in a medium by vibration. This vibration travels through a medium in the form of wave and different waves creates a different kind of sound. 

Some are pleasant to hear and some are not, actually it varies from individual to individual whether they like the sound or not and considering it as a music or noise.

For example, for some people, they consider rock genre of music as noise because it sounds unpleasant to them whereas some people like this and love to hear rock music. Personally, I myself love this kind of music.

It's just different people have their different taste of sound and it's totally their perspective what they like and what they not and therefore whether a sound is noise or music it depends and varies for individual to individual.

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