Steps to Take Admission in Veterinary College in India (Maharashtra)

To become a veterinarian in India has a lot of scope as this is a very underrated career for people to chose after PCB in their 12th class. Only people who have a lot of passion and love for animals go for this.

As this is an underrated career, there is a lot of confusion regarding this and what is the process for this and what exactly is required ? I have chosen veterinary and when I was gathering information regarding this field I couldn't find any. So here is an article with my personal experience of what you actually need to become a veterinarian in India.

Steps to take admission in a veterinary college:

A veterinarian is someone who is qualified to treat the animals who are sick or injured. They are also known as veterinary surgeon and they are also widely known as vets. Here is a detailed guide on what you will be needing in order to take admission in a veterinary college.


Let's start with eligibility. We all know that all medical fields require NEET examination and you get admission on the basis of the AIR (All India Rank) you score in NEET, but veterinary is a little different from the rest of the medical fields. 

In veterinary they pay attention to the 12th marks you have scored. Here is a table for your reference for how much marks are required for you to take admission in veterinary field. 

Category Marks required
General 50% marks in aggregate
SC/ST/OBC 47% marks in aggregate

NEET marks are not considered for veterinary, only the marks you have scored in your 12th examination will be taken into consideration, but still you will have to appear for NEET. 


Now, here is the tricky part, the procedure to enrol in this field is a headache and it gets frustrating because you don't know anything about it, but don't you worry I have got you covered. 


The registration takes place online. If you are from Maharashtra you will have to submit your form through MAFSU (Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Science University), if you belong to some other state you will have to submit your form through VCI (Veterinary Council of India). 

You will have to keep visiting these pages to check for the schedule and do it on daily basis because if you miss your registration date you will miss the chance of taking admission in veterinary even if you are eligible. 

They will update you about the schedule they have prepared for the registration, choice filling, etc.. Also keep a look for the prospectus as it will contain all the details and will solve your common queries.

Documents asked while registration:

This is the list of the documents that was asked:-

  • Birth certificate 
  • College leaving certificate 
  • HSC marksheet (12th marksheet)
  • NEET result 
  • SSC marksheet (10th marksheet)
  • Photograph 
  • Signature 
  • Domicile certificate (if you stay out of Maharashtra)

Form correction:

If you missed filling any document or some important detail and soon regret it, don't worry MAFSU also has dates decided for you so that you can correct it and they will also send you an email that the list has been displayed on their site telling you what you have uploaded incorrect or a document you haven't uploaded.

Eligible and non-eligible candidates list:

After you have registered and your form correction is done you will have to wait for this list. This usually is displayed after 4-5 days after the correction process is done. This list tells you if you are eligible or not for veterinary and students usually come into the non eligible list because of the rookie mistakes they do. 

Even if you forget to upload a document and you are eligible for your category (reserved or unreserved) you will be in the non-eligible list, but again MAFSU got your back! It has a "grievance letter" section if you have any complaint. 

College filling option form:

After this long procedure of just registration, if you are eligible you will be heading to fill your desired college you always dreamt about for BVSc & AH. This goes on for a day so you can anytime fill in your details and just submit it. 

Now, here is a bonus point, if you don't get selected in the first round there are one or two rounds, because according to 2018 prospectus there were three rounds in total and in 2019 there were only two rounds in total. Mop-up round is mandatory. In this round if you haven't secured a seat in any college then you will be given admission in this round. 

I don't exactly know how this mop-up round works but as far as i think it should be on the first come first service basis.  

For each round you have to individually fill up the form.


After every form filling round you will have to wait until you are allotted in a college. Once you have been allotted in a college you cannot fill the form for the second round, not even for the mop-up round. 

After allotment you have will have to go and take admission in the college which you have allotted before the date runs out. They will give you a particular date on that day you will have to go and take admission in the college.

NOTE: If you try to take admission through unwanted source into veterinary there will be strict actions takes against you by the law.

Scope in becoming a veterinarian:

In India if you choose this field as your career you are going to be ultra rich. Just kidding nothing like this is going to happen but you will surely earn more as this is a very underrated field and due to high demand for vets. 


There many options in veterinary field which you can chose depending upon your likes:-
  • Animal Genetics and Breeding 
  • Animal Production and Management 
  • Animal Husbandry 
  • Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics 
  • Veterinary Parasitology 
  • Veterinary Pathology 
  • Veterinary Surgery and Radiology
  • Bachelor's of Veterinary Science 
  • Animal Nutrition 
  • Veterinary Anatomy and Histology 
  • Veterinary Medicine, Public Health and Hygiene
  • Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology 
  • Veterinary Physiology 
  • Fisheries

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If you are preparing for NEET click here for tips and tricks and strategy. 

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