What will Happen if Microbes from the Soil are Destroyed ?

Microbes are found everywhere and we all know the uses of these are so much that even vitamins are produced using these microbes and we all know how important vitamins are for the human body. So, if microbes are so important to us but what about the soil ? Soil contains microbes too. What will actually happen if the microbes are destroyed from the soil ? Lets find out.

What will happen if microbes from the soil are destroyed ?

As we know soil has microbes and microbes contain a lot of nutrients which are good for the soil. If the microbes are destroyed in the soil then the soil respiration and the source of nutrient won't be there and the cycle will stop.

If this cycle stops then the plants in the soil will eventually die because the nutrients which are present in the soil are not being reached to the plants in the surrounding and then there would be no plants left for us humans for cotton, food, fruits, wood, etc.. The soil turns infertile.

 Microbes present in soil
Microbes present in soil

What are microbes ?

The word microbe is easy to understand, it's just a microscopic organisms also known as microorganisms which is present in the nature as well as on our bodies. These can be unicellular (having single cell) or in a bunch like these are connected to each other which looks like a colony of cells.

Well microbes are not just bacteria present everywhere but these are also used in industrial production like beer, organic acid, vitamin, antibiotic, etc.. Study of microbes is called microbiology.

There are 5 types of microbes in total which are bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa and viruses.

Possibilities of the microbes being destroyed:

Microbes cannot be naturally destroyed even if they are that is just temporary that means they will be present in the soil after a certain period of time. Microbes can be completely destroyed by men. 

Usage of heavy metal, cyanide poisoning and using pesticides which are prone to kill the microbes present in the soil which can also be helpful to humans. 

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