Animal Husbandry and Dairy Farming

Whilst studying the topic animal husbandry and dairy farming it made me wonder what is the difference between both of them and how it is important for us humans. I spent a little time researching and I'm here with the conclusion. 

The relation between animal husbandry and dairy farming:

As you know animal husbandry is related to breeding as well as taking care of livestock which we need for dairy products, if we don't take proper measures to domesticate the livestock or breed it we won't get high-quality milk and we would get very little quantity.

It's all related to one another, we need good breeding for good quality, proper treatment from veterinarian, hygiene and enough amount of food.

What is animal husbandry ?

Animal husbandry deals with breeding of animals, taking care of them and domesticating them. Eg, dogs, cattles, horses, pigs, goats, etc. 

Animal husbandry also includes poultry farming and fisheries

 Poultry farming
Poultry farming

What is dairy farming ?

Dairy farming includes production of milk and other dairy products for long term like curd, cheese, butter, cottage cheese, etc. 

 Dairy farming
Dairy farming

Importance of animal husbandry and dairy farming:

Dairy farming is important for us humans in our day to day life. Dairy products include calcium, vitamins A,D,E and K, etc. 

Animal husbandry is important to humans because as you know animal husbandry includes breeding and taking card of them in order for us to get meat, wool, dairy products and many more things. These are the common things we need in our daily life meat for food, wool for clothes, dairy products to balance the intake of vitamins in our body. 

 Cattle breeding
Cattle breeding

Schemes for animal husbandry:

Government is coming up with numerous schemes and programmes for our farmers and people who take part in animal husbandry. These schemes are being implanted by the government because 70% of the world livestock population is in India and China and to increase the earnings-related to this government is trying to introduce as many schemes as they can. 

Some of the objectives of the schemes are:-
- For genetics up-gradation and selective breeding.
- The need to converse indigenous breed because their milk is high in fat and SNF (solid-not-fat) content. 
- Enhancement of dairy products. 

To know more about such schemes and programmes held by the government click here

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